Personal Tax

The period which is held for a UK tax return runs from the 6th April to the 5th April and returns are due by/on the 31st January after the end of your tax return year.

If you are self-employed (earning more than £1,000 in the previous tax year) or receiving income from the UK (such as property or investments), then you ae legally obliged to file a UK tax return whether you are not a British national or a British national living overseas. If you are looking to claim some income tax reliefs or even maternity allowance then filing a tax return would be your best option to receive this.

Here at @@@ Filer we have created a user friendly software compatible for users of all ages, making it simple, effective and as quick as possible to file your return.

SA100 and SA110 (calculations page) are compulsory. If you have nothing to report in sa100 please leave it blank but please make sure to select sa110 to be included in your personal return.

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